7 Deadly Sins | PALETTE



The Seven Deadly Sins are a list of rebellious tendencies that afflict Fallen humanity.
They are mortal wrong doings.
This is a palette designed for the sinners, and the saints.

Seven Stunning, Powerful, Unique And luxuriously pigmented shades and a deathly smoked out matte black.

WrathScarlet Luster Anger, Vengeance, Violence, & War
GluttonyApricot Cream Self-Indulgence, Obsession, Consumption, Addiction
GreedYellow Gold Luster Desire To Have More
SlothSterling Silver Sparkle Procrastination, Lazyness, Avoiding Growth
VanityPlum Violet Glimmer Entitlement, Snobbish, Over-Confident, Arrogant
LustCobalt Crushed Diamond Intense Sexual Desire, Personal Gratification
EnvyForest Green Shimmer Jealousy
Death – Matte Black The Wage Of Sin


100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free!