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The Blackened Teeth’s take on the traditional ‘wax melt snap bars’ – snap your bones and pop them in to your wax melter one chunky piece of bone at a time. Created using new luxurious fragrances that will immerse your gothic home in beauteous and bewitching aromas. 

These melts can be used in an electric melting pot or a ceramic burner. They can be melted and remelted until the scent has eventually dissipated into oblivion. 

Sold in boxes containing 3 Bones.

Candle Colours/Scents:
Each colour candle has a specific scent (fragrance oil) assigned to it.

BlackMidnight Mourning: ‘The Rich Scent’
A rich and earthy aroma with Black Pepper to uplift to an all-round spicy aroma. Notes of sandalwood bring a subtle and luxurious wholesome scent.

IvoryRitual Rose: ‘The Floral Scent’
A sophisticated luxury scent that mirrors freshly picked roses. A hint of sweetness and a full blown floral aroma.

Materials: Soy Wax Blend (blended with other natural vegan waxes), fragrance Oil (vegan), wax dyes. 

PRE-ORDER SERVICE: Your order will be dispatched from Beserk in approx. 2 – 6 weeks (This is dependant on the items’ processing time). This includes the made to order manufacturing process and the time it takes your order to arrive to us!


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