Boo Hollow | Pumpkin Showdown CARD GAME



Normally, the haunted little village of Boo Hollow only appears once a year, however now everyone will be able to bring home the delightful residents who offer up good-natured mischief to keep the spirit of Halloween humming all year round!

Paka Paka: Boo Hollow – Pumpkin Showdown is a fun, fast-paced card game featuring the spooky-cute characters from Boo Hollow!

Play Pumpkin cards to throw Pumpkins at the other players, but watch out, since they can play cards right back!

Roll the special die to grab more Pumpkins, or dodge out of the way at the last second! Whoever gets hit with more Pumpkins takes a Hit card.

Get hit three times and you’re out! Who will be the last one standing?

For Ages 6+, 2-6 Players, 20 Minutes

Officially Licensed Product