Chucky | Tiffany 15″ TALKING FIGURE



Bride of Chucky – Tiffany 15” Talking Doll

Tiffany, the gorgeous murderess trapped in a doll’s body. Her devotion to Chucky led to her bring him back to life only to have him kill her and trap her into a bridal doll. Take home your own talking version of the darling doll in all her beauty. The 15″ doll is expertly crafted to replicate Tiffany from the movie and she’ll perfectly match any horror collection!

Just as verbose as she was in the film, this Tiffany has lots to say. She speaks six phrases direct from the film. Voiced by actress Jennifer Tilly, she is activated by a discreet button on her back. With 9 points of articulation and realistic glass-like eyes, your Chucky collection will not be complete without this plastic beauty.