Friday The 13th | Jason Voorhees POP! VINYL



The real question is, how did Jason find a hockey mask big enough to fit that head?!

With the original movie starting with the murder of two counselors at Camp Crystal Lake by an unseen assailant and subsequent fires, water poisonings and the murder of a third camp counselors 22 years later. With the reopening of Camp Crystal Lake comes the return of the unseen assailant.

With brutal, gory and unforeseen deaths to all of the camp counselors except for Alice. Alice meets the unseen murderer and it’s revealed that she is Jasons mother, Pamela Vorhees, who blames the camp counselors for his drowning accident in 1957 as the counselors were too busy having sex instead of watching the children. Alice is then attacked by Pamela but manages to get the upper hand and decapitate Pamela.

As Alice floats away in a canoe asleep, she wakes up and is attacked by Jasons corpse. Waking up some time later in the hospital, Alice is told there was no sign of any boy and her last words before the movie ends is “He must still be there.”

With the film coming up to its 40th birthday, Funko presents this Jason Voorhees with machete POP! Vinyl for you to add to your collection. 

Officially licensed product