Gravemarker | CANDLE [PREORDER]




PLEASE NOTE: This is a PRE-ORDER Item. We do not keep these items in stock. This item is MADE TO ORDER from The Blackened Teeth in the UK.  Any other items purchased with your Pre-order item will be kept aside and sent together when they arrive. When this item is ordered with other Pre-orders that have a longer processing time, the longer time applies for the order. 

The Gothic Candle your Blackened Home has been calling for! The Grave Marker candle is the latest release in the candle collection.


Ivory – Ritual Rose: ‘The Floral Scent’ – A sophisticated luxury scent that mirrors freshly picked roses. A hint of sweetness and a full blown floral aroma.

Grey – ‘Cardinal Musk’ Scent – A warm and sensuous aroma with true sweetness coming from luscious Musk. The body of the scent is held in sandalwood, an iconic rich scent. This is a subtle and captivating scent.

Size: Height – 100mm / Width – 50mm

Materials: Soy Wax Blend (blended with other natural vegan waxes), Fragrance Oil, Cotton wick

PRE-ORDER SERVICE: Your order will be dispatched from Beserk in approx. 2 – 6 weeks (This is dependant on the items’ processing time). This includes the made to order manufacturing process and the time it takes your order to arrive to us!


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