I Choo Choo Choose You VALENTINE’S CARD | The Simpsons



Have you ever met someone you’d Choo Choo Choose? Or perhaps you’d like to just Bee friends? Well before you make plans to grow up and marry that person, perhaps you should first break the ice with one of these hilarious new officially-licensed Simpsons Valentines Cards! This amazing collection features both of the cards Lisa gives to Ralph in the iconic I Love Lisa from The Simpsons’ fourth season. 

Here we have the “I Choo-Choo Choose You” card that Lisa first gives to Ralph when she notices he’s sad and lonely on Valentine’s Day. This screen-accurate replica isn’t just rectangle shaped like an average card, its unique shape is designed to look just as it appears in the show. It even says “Choo-Choo Choose”… and there’s a picture of a train. Nice gag, right?

To top this off, it comes complete with an EXCLUSIVE envelope that boasts the design of Ralph’s actual Valentine’s Day box from the episode, which was unfortunately left empty until Lisa came to the rescue. Most importantly, for the first-time ever, these cards are Officially Licensed!

Officially Licensed Product ~ The Simpsons