I’m A Liver Not A Fighter | LIVER PLUSH



This soft-n-cuddly giant liver loves you! The liver creates and synthesizes substances that maintain balance in the body. It also acts as a filter, keeping gross bacteria from getting into your bloodstream. He works in detox! Makes a cute present for the liver-lover in your life. Comes with an educational mini-book hangtag describing the magic of this wonderful organ. 

Humor, healing and hepatology go hand in hand with this cute liver plushie! The liver support pillow softens a hospital stay, and sends a smile during tough times. Laughter is the best medicine, but beware – don’t let ‘em bust their stitches laughing. This liver is actually useful — it makes a cute pediatric post-op cough pillow. Wish we could wave a wand and make it a real liver. But if you can’t donate part of your real liver, at least you can give this fake one. And it’s definitely cheaper than black market organs. You’ll love telling your kid to go to bed — and don’t forget your liver. Don’t forget that hepatologists need presents, too! Give your doctor a gift they’ll never forget.

Size: 10.5″ x 9.5″ x 3.5″

Designed in California, made in China at an ethically certified factory.

Safe for ages 3 and up.