Lavender Purple | HAIR COLOUR



Long lasting, rich, vibrant Semi-Permanent Hair Colour.

100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Please Note: For vibrant results the colour should be used on bleached or pre lightened hair, or can be used on untreated hair to achieve a subtle tint. Semi-permanent hair dyes usually last between 6-10 washes depending on your hair condition & type.

All Directions colours can be mixed with each other to create your own unique shade

– Wash your hair and towel dry
– Apply dye to your hair, spreading evenly with a tint brush or comb
– Allow to develop for around 20 – 45 mins
– Rinse out dye until the water starts to run clear
*Always carry out a patch test on your skin first to make sure that Directions dye does not react with your skin

Weight: Each tub contains 88ml of dye

Photos are taken from the La Riche Directions website