Lewis Carroll Literary Quotes | MUG



Lewis Carroll was many things to many people: poet, logician, photographer, fantasist, mathematics lecturer, political pamphleteer, inventor, and the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.

The publication of Alice in Wonderland made him both rich and famous, though wealth and success did little to change him. Lewis Carroll devised games and wrote hundreds of linear feet of nonsense verse and wanted to believe in ESP (as who does not?)

Here, then, is a mug that captures his literary works – with decorations, Tenniel illustrations, and lissome leaves and vines of the sort he drew for the original Alice’s Adventures Underground — all in colours and lettering that spring from the Victorian era.

You will like it quite a lot, you know.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Capacity: Holds 14 oz / 400mL.