Lilith [Red] | STICKER



Lilith, Guardian of the Underworld

This winged cat critter intertwines the light & dark mythology surrounding cats. In ancient Egypt, cats (known as Mau), were sacred creatures & highly worshipped. In Egyptian mythology, cats were known as guardians of the underworld, as cats represented the goddess Bastet. 

Cats may be seen as protectors of the underworld because Bastet is also the goddess of Protection against contagious diseases and evil spirits. For a short time she was also seen as the wife of Anubis the embalming God (who is often known as the “second in charge” in the underworld after Osiris). This may have been enough to connect her with the underworld and the protection of it. Additionally, cats were embalmed with families or family members that died to serve their protective role even in death.

As time evolved, however, cats took on a darker symbolism. During the Renaissance era, cats were perceived to be witches’ familiars. Black cats in particular became symbols of omens of misfortune & death.

This particular creature was given the name Lilith based on the Jewish mythology: Lilith, Lady Flying in Darkness. Lilith means “the night,” and she embodies the emotional and spiritual aspects of darkness: terror, sensuality, and unbridled freedom.

Style: Die-cut sticker with clear/transparent edges.

Size: 3″