Luck and Prosperity | GEMSTONE COLLECTION



Luck and Prosperity Gemstone Collection.

For centuries, people have sought out good luck and fortune in a variety of ways. It has long been believed that particular stones and minerals hold divine properties which can be used to attract luck, wealth, love and more.

This collection features the most popular of these stones to create a unique collection specifically tailored to amplify your luck, increase your prosperity and create more abundance in your life.

Includes 7 Natural Stones and Minerals:
– Green Aventurine
– Tiger’s Eye
– Labradorite
– Carnelian
– Amethyst
– Pyrite
– Rainbow Fluorite

Bonus: Carry Satchel Included.

Size: 14.5×12

Please Note: Kit contains all natural items. As such, colours and styles may vary from these pictured.