Macabre | DICE SET



Welcome, fellow Necromancers! We heard you like bones. We like ‘em too, white, free of meaty sinew (we’re vegan-friendly, yes!), polished and nicely carved. And skulls! Skulls are even better. Roundy and toothy, thicky and shiny, and spacy – to contain immensely dark forces for us to command! We mean, for you, yes…

But we need more. More! MORE SKULLS! We heap them in a pile, yes, we shape them nice and pretty, we give them digits to fool the fate-being! And we make them bigger! And better, yes! And… we’ll get to this later. Follow us, fellow Necromancer! Your journey begins!

Essentially, this artifact is a set of dice made from skulls, lots of teeny-tiny skulls fused together to form a polyhedral. Then we place a digits on its faces, we paint them, or… we use metal. And it is done manually, or as the Living say: handmade. Much detail, much care, much time. And we can make the dice  bigger! With the equally amazing results! Can you imagine how much work it takes to assemble so many skulls into such crafty dice? No? Well, a lot, yes…

DICE MACABRE is an ancient creation of ours, yes… So ancient, that it was buried deep in the Underworld, and nearly forgotten. And it’s not alive – yet… We need you, to bring it back from the grave and to serve us for all eternity! Ahem… we mean, to serve you, of course, yes…

Notice, fellow Necromancer, that the dice themselves are made from beige resin, and then painted with brown wash paint, hence the skulls details are so terrific and slightly varies in each set. The digits, needed to challenge the fate-being, remain beige.

Each dice set includes: 1 x D4, 1 x D6, 1 x D8, 1 x D10, 1 x D100, 1 x D12 & 1 x D20.

Three dimensions — These artifacts are not flat, oh no… each angle you look at it from, you will see how tiny skulls pop out of the surface.

See in detail — With the mind-blowing new technology used, these artifacts are more detailed than any Q Workshop creations before.

Rest in Resin — This material proves to be reliable, durable, and simply perfect to keep your artifacts able to harness the power of the Underworld.

Washed brown — With the resin being beige, we washed the dice brownish to highlight the details. The digits remain untouched, so you can paint them as you like, fellow Necromancer!