Night Flight [Black] | GRIMOIRE SET



I am the night…

Imbued with creativity and Colour Energy, these 2nd wave Grimoire Sets offer 120 pages for you to jot down whatever inspires you (other-worldly thoughts, spells, recipes or just creative ideas to reflect upon).

– Each Grimoire features an embossed ‘leathery-feel’ front cover and a ‘scaled’ back cover.
– Glittery/velvet fabric covers the spine and each includes an ownership tag in an inside pocket.
– Allowing coloured ink to weep onto page edges give the Grimoire ‘grungier’ appeal.
– Laboriously handmade, each Grimoire Set is artistically unique and exclusively available through Beserk.

– Handmade Grimoire
– Handmade (reusable) Gift Box with Belly Band
– Handmade Gift Card
– Protective Sleeve

Grimoire comes from the Old French ‘grammaire’, which referred to early books which were mostly written in Latin. Soon became known as a ‘book of spells’ and would hold handwritten instructions for creating magical objects, talismans and amulets, as well as spells, divinations and invocations.

Please note: Each Grimoire is individually handmade meaning that no two are exactly the same and they may differ slightly from the product photo.