Original Tattoo | BALM [75g]


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Dr Pickles Original Formula Tattoo Balm is a natural paw paw based tattoo after care balm, to be used on new tattoos. It is specially formulated to aid in the healing and recovery. It is also perfect for use on old tattoos to bring out the vibrancy of tattooed skin.

Made in Brisbane, Queensland using both fresh and fermented Australian paw paw, coupled with hydrating D-Panthenol, Dr Pickles Original Formula Tattoo Balm is a moisture rich natural antiseptic that creates the perfect climate for a tattoo to heal and retain its original vibrancy.

Prior to this product being on the market, tattoo lovers were using nappy rash cream or petroleum jelly filled paw paw ointments to treat fresh tattoos – neither product being tailored to heal a fresh tattoo.

Dr Pickles Original Formula Tattoo Balm is a revolutionary product that combines the best of both products, together with some other skin friendly nutrients, to produce the perfect all-natural tattoo after care. The ingredient combination has proven successful in reducing scab formation and skin dehydration, whilst soothing tender freshly tattooed skin. The non-greasy formula will allow your skin to breathe whilst promoting fast and scab free skin repair. 

Combined moisture rich D-Panthenol to hydrate and seal irritated skin with paw paw for its natural antiseptic qualities form a unique tattoo aftercare balm that helps protect and promote healthy cell reproduction of tattooed skin.

  • – All natural
  • – Australian Made
  • – Cruelty Free
  • – Environmentally friendly
  • – Paraben and chemical free
  • – Natural antiseptic
  • – Reduces Skin Dehydration & Scab formation
  • – Promotes fast healthy skin repair
  • – Designed for Tattooed Skin

Although Dr Pickles is a vegan friendly company, there is a small amount beeswax in this product. This is because of beeswax’s ability to heal skin as a premium natural anti-bacterial agent. It helps create a protective layer over the tattoo, which ensures no infection can enter the recovering tattoo.

Coconut oil is infused with sweet almond oil to combine the moisture rich fatty acids found in coconut oil with antioxidant rich vitamins contained in sweet almond oil to create optimal skin hydration and soothing during the entire healing process. Moreover, coconut oil is also another incredible natural disinfectant, being high in vitamin E, it protects your skin from both free radicals as well as your fresh tattoo from infection.

Needless to say, Dr Pickles Original Formula Tattoo Balm contains real Australian papaya – no fillers, no petroleum jelly.

Dr Pickles Original Formula Tattoo Balm is a staple every tattoo artist and collector should own.