The Biodegradable glitter is an incredibly high sparkle cosmetic glitter. The glitter is good to use on the nails, hair and face. Perfect for festivals, parties and nights out. The glitter shakers are a vegan product.

COSMETIC GRADE: can be used safely around the eyes and the mouth. Lesser glitters can be craft grade or for use on nails.

EASY TO USE: The salt shaker container means you can easily sprinkle the glitter where required.

VERY VERSATILE: The Cosmetic grade glitter can be added to any makeup products. Can be used to apply to the skin, nail polish, eye shadow and acrylic.

INCREDIBLE SHINE: The glitter truly sparkles so you can achieve some very magical cosmetic effects with it.

CAN BE USED FOR CRAFT: The glitter can also be used for craft applications and works perfectly-staying colourfast.

BRILIANT FOR HALLOWEEN, FANCY DRESS OR NIGHTS OUT: Use the magical sparkle to take your makeup look or costume to the next level.