Pearl Boba | KAWAII POP



If you haven’t discovered the magic of the Kawaii Pop for your phone, prepare to be amazed! The Kawaii Pop mounts easily onto the back of any mobile device and instantly transforms your phone into a device that is much easier to hold. Never (or rarely ever) drop your phone onto your face again during your late-night Instagram lurking. Become much savvier at one-handed selfies and impress all of your friends. The Kawaii Pop also flicks out and becomes a stand! Because why bother holding your phone at all if you don’t have to. 


    • Hold your phone easily while you’re doing various activities
    • You can use the stand so you don’t have to hold your phone
    • Avoid dropping your phone on your face while scrolling in bed
    • Perfect to take one-handed selfies!
    • Kawaii Pops are interchangeable (they aren’t glued onto the stand)
    • Also compatible with Pop Sockets- just pop them off and glue onto a stand.

    Size: 0.5 x 2.5″

    Material: Plastic, Silicone

    Phone case not included.