Pearl Boba Tea | TUMBLER



If you haven’t yet got on board with helping to save the planet, here’s a chance to do your bit. Reusable Cups are the future, and you don’t need to give up having a cute accessory to join in! Pearl now comes in a proper life-sized Boba Milk Tea Tumbler! Use it time and time again to drink all of your favourite beverages. We strongly suggest Boba Milk Tea (of course!).  We also made sure that boba can fit through the reusable straw! The glitter-filled sides mean that your tumbler will be the prettiest in all the land. Then everyone will wish that they had such an amazing reusable cup too!

DIMENSIONS: Height 7.75″, Width 4″, Contents 16 fl oz

MATERIAL: BPA Free Plastic

Only use in cold drinks, do not use on microwave, store in freezer, or dishwasher.