The Conjuring | Annabelle Prop REPLICA DOLL



The Conjuring – Annabelle Prop Doll 18” Replica

If you love all things paranormal then the Annabelle Replica will suit your collection perfectly!

In 1971 paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren visited the dilapidated farmhouse of Roger and Carolyn Perron to investigate paranormal events taking place at the house. While the Warrens are organising an exorcism to be performed on the house, their daughter Judy is attacked by the spirit of Bathsheba, along with the hunt Annabelle doll from the Warren’s previous case.

From her sinister grin to the malevolent gleam in her dead eyes, no detail has been overlooked. Mezco’s award-winning design team has captured every nuance of Annabelle‘s frightening visage. Mezco’s Annabelle doll stands eighteen inches tall and features rotocast head, hands, and feet. Her torso, legs, and arms are screen-accurate plush. With her film matched clothing and rooted hair you will swear she stepped right out of the silver screen!

Annabelle, the sinister conduit to the damned, comes complete in a collector-friendly window box that may help keep the malevolent entity the cultists conjured contained…then again, it may not.

Officially Licensed Product