The Nightmare Before Christmas | Making Christmas CARD GAME



Won’t the children be surprised?!

This exciting new family-friendly game is set to give The Nightmare Before Christmas fans the chance to add some spooky fun to their festive season.

Gather toys from Halloween Town for Jack Skellington to deliver on Christmas, however the presents are in pieces! Players must now look for clever combos on the workbench that will help them put the toys together.

On your turn, swap two toy parts and use assembled toys to complete goal cards. Then refill the workbench, goal cards, and the toy-building continues to the next player!

Hurry to put the toy parts together and be the player that completes the most goals to win!


4 x Workbench Tiles
40 x Toy Parts Cards
20 x Goal Cards
1 x Instructions

For Ages 6+, 2-6 Players, Approx. 20 mins

Officially Licensed Product