The Nightmare Before Christmas | Select Series 8 Vampire & Zeldaborn ACTION FIGURE*



Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas provides year-round enjoyment, and the hit action figure line continues with more spooky figures, each with a piece of a larger diorama!

Burnt Santa Jack, Small Vampire with Tall Witch, and Short Vampire with Short Witch each come with pieces to build the Halloween Town guillotine environment.

Each figure comes packaged in the display-ready packaging with side-panel art for shelf reference (for the serious collector!).

PLEASE NOTE: In order to complete the Town Guillotine Environment Diorama, you need to collect Series 7 and 8. 

(Series 7)
Big Vampire: Guillotine legs, lever and cauldron 
Snowman Jack: Guillotine Top x Blade
Skinny Vampire: Flat Wall w/ Stone Pumpkin sculpted in

(Series 8)
Small Vampire & Helgamine (Tall witch): Rounded inner base wall and stairs
Burnt Santa Jack: Curved Wall w/ Stone Pumpkin sculpted in
Short Vampire and Small Witch: Base Floor

Officially licensed product