Tsukimi Moon [Bunny] | PIN



Celebrate the moon viewing!

– Hard enamel pin
– Gold plated
– Glitter on moon

Size: 32mm

    About Tsukimi (moon viewing): Tsukimi is a holiday celebrated during September that is centered around the full moon. The name itself means moon viewing. In the past, the moon was used to tell the passing of seasons, which was especially important for agriculture. As thanks for a bountiful harvest, people would offer foods such as sweet potatoes and beans to the moon in the season.  As rice has not yet fully matured this time of year, susuki grass would be used in its place as a vessel for the God, as it looks similar. You can see this around our bunny.

    Bunnies are often incorporated into Tsukimi imagery. It is said that long ago people believed that rabbits lived on the moon, due to the shape of shadows seen on the moon’s surface. The shadows also appear to include an object low to the ground next to the rabbit, which was imagined as a mortar used to pound rice into dango or mochi.